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I do, we do, you do

Explicit teaching -  
it’s how our students learn best

In Far North Queensland our schools are using Explicit Teaching methods to improve learning.  Explicit teaching is a way to engage and motivate students by actively involving them in their own learning, setting high expectations, and celebrating success.  Research over the past forty years proves that Explicit Teaching makes huge differences in students' learning.  Quite simply, it is instruction that works.

Teachers use the Explicit Teaching Model to design and deliver lessons through a series of steps – I Do, We Do, You Do.

I do - Teachers explain, model and demonstrate what is to be learned and how to think during this step.  The students’ job is to watch and listen carefully to the teacher.

We do – Students work with the teacher as more examples are practised.  This gives the students further opportunity to be supported until they demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to move the final, independent step.

You do – This is the final step of the model where students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in the skill or knowledge by working independently.

I do, we do, you do

A key element of explicit teaching is the repeated checking for students' understanding of the knowledge and skills being taught throughout the lesson.  This is to ensure that all students experience success.  Teachers continually monitor students’ progress and provide them with immediate feedback.  This feedback helps students become aware of the next step required for improvement in learning. 

If students can remember basic skills and knowledge automatically they can learn new and complicated concepts more easily.  For this reason FNQ teachers include consolidation sessions in their lessons.  Daily consolidation sessions have a clear focus on practising basic skills until they become automatic.  This automatic recall of knowledge assists students to become more successful in learning more complex skills.

Teachers and students throughout FNQ are very positive about the Explicit Teaching Model and consolidation and how these practices have improved teaching and learning.

I DO, WE DO, YOU DO.  It’s how we teach.


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