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How we teach and learn

The C2C program helps make the Australian Curriculum a reality

The Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) project provides Queensland state schools with a comprehensive set of materials designed to support implementation of the new Prep to Year 10  Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science , History and (from 2014) Geography.

A systematic approach to learning English

In Far North Queensland, we are enthusiastically implementing Australian Curriculum English across our schools. These video snapshots were filmed in our local schools and show the approach that our teachers are taking when teaching these essential skills.

Explicit teaching -  
it’s how our students learn best

In Far North Queensland our schools are using Explicit Teaching methods to improve learning.  Explicit teaching is a way to engage and motivate students by actively involving them in their own learning, setting high expectations, and celebrating success.  Research over the past forty years proves that Explicit Teaching makes huge differences in students' learning.  Quite simply, it is instruction that works.

Testing Literacy and Numeracy 
in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9

Students in the the Far North Queensland Region are achieving significant improvements across all areas of NAPLAN: Reading, Writing,  Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling and Numeracy. This is particularly true in the early years where some scores have improved by 10 percent. Scores for our indigenous students have improved even more dramatically with some instances of 18 percent improvement. 

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