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How we are helping to close the gap in FNQ schools

It is a goal of all areas of government across Australia to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people – in life expectancy, health, employment, education and early childhood.

Supporting the teachers and families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

There are over 40,000 indigenous students across Queensland. The Indigenous Schooling Support Unit (ISSU) provides high quality support to the teachers and communities involved in the education of these students.

Promoting understanding and encouraging participation

The EATSIPS program helps schools embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in all aspects of school life. As the experiences, culture and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are more widely understood and embraced, Indigenous students will feel more at home in their schools and their chances of success will increase.

Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

You may have the skills, maturity and commitment needed for successful tertiary study, but not the formal academic qualifications. Did you know experience gained through life and work may be enough for you to enter one of our JCU pathway programs? 

A school-based mentoring program for students in Years 6 to 12

The Indigenous Leaders of Tomorrow and Indigenous Leaders of the Future program is a regional education program delivered by the Far North Queensland Indigenous Schooling Support Unit, Education Queensland.

Families are an important part of the teaching and learning team

The first five years of a child’s life are very important learning years. Children, before they ever see a school or a teacher, learn from their families.

Read every day, anytime, anywhere

The FNQ Ready Reader program is designed to help parents and caregivers of children in Prep to Year 3 to support reading at home. The program helps to build young readers confidence and motivation while learning to read. It gives parents tips for making reading fun and interesting while building on young readers confidence and motivation. 

Financial literacy is an essential life skill

Historically, some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have not  emphasised consumer and financial literacy skills. There are many reasons for this such as the tradition of families to share their wealth with relatives.

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