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04 September 2013


What school should I send my child to?

All Queensland state schools deliver the same curriculum.  Some schools offer specialised programs.  For further information please contact your local state school to discuss options and programs available for your child.
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What are the benefits of sending my child to kindergarten? 

Your four year old will take part in play-based learning, developing early literacy and numeracy concepts and communication skills which will help their reading and writing ability.
Read more about Kindy


Where can I find a local kindergarten? 

You can search for a kindergarten program or other early childhood service at DETE's 
Early Childhood Education and Care Services Search


What is NAPLAN? 

NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program - Numeracy and Literacy. In May each year, students in Years 3 ,5,7 and 9 across Australia take tests in literacy and numeracy.
Read more about NAPLAN


What services are available for students with a disability?

Far North Queensland state schools value and practice diversity in meeting the needs of all students.
Read more about support for our students with a disability.


What opportunities are available for my child when they leave school?

Read more about our Training and Careers services


Does my child need to attend school every day?

Yes! Every day counts. 
Read more about school attendance


How do I connect with other Parents and Citizens Associations in the Far North?

Anyone can be a member of the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C): parents, carers, grandparents, and other interested citizens.
Read more about the P&C and find contact details


What is ‘explicit teaching’?

Explicit teaching (or "I do, we do, you do") is a teaching method used in FNQ schools designed to "hook" students in the classroom.
Read more about explicit teaching


Can I educate my child at home?

For information on educating your child at home please visit


Does my child have to live in the local (catchment) area to attend school?

As a general rule, Queenslanders have freedom of choice in selecting state schools for their children - the exception is where schools have an Enrolment Management Plan.
Read more about school catchments and EMPs


How old does my child need to be to start school?

Read more about how old your child needs to be to start school at Education Queensland



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